Hey Tube Rollers - Thoughts on Shanguang Psvane?

I'm considering upgrading the stock KT88 tubes in my Cary SLI-80 amp, and have been looking at the Psvane KT88 tubes made by Shuguang. Having heard that their Treasure tubes are very nice I'm wondering if these are even better.
Please share any opinions you might have. I'm especially interested in knowing how the Treasures and Psvanes might compare in sound.
I just switched out my Genelec Gold Lion KT88's for a Psvane KT88's (on my Ayon Spirit II integrated)... and these are the differences... The Pvanes are slightly richer sounding, are more than slightly smoother (which is really important to me --- the piano transients and some clarinet and piccalo transients on the Genelecs were harsh, but not with the Pvanes), and the Pavanes are more relaxed sounding but still exciting. The image size, depth, and specificity are the same. The Genelecs were slightly more dynamic.

Overall.. the Pvanes are better in my system --- and since lack of grain and harshness matter a great deal to me, the Pvanes are much favored over the Russian tubes.
Thanks for sharing this. I appreciate it.
Got Psvane 300b's from partsconnexion. They have 250 hours so far. Sound pretty good and making music, but missing some transparency. Good extended low/high frequency response. Not yet as enjoyable as my Sophia Mesh.
The Psvanes probably need more time. I will be patient :)