Herron VSTP 1A /166 vs. TAD 150 signature

I am looking for silky mids, 3-D, excellent bass. I currently own Mccormack DNA-1 silver amp, Alon II speakers, and TAD150 signature pre. I am thinking the Herron VSTP 1A 166 pre would be a SIGNIFICANT upgrade to the TAD, but not sure. Both are highly reviewed.

I can only say prior to the silver upgrade the sound was non-involving, no bass, mids were far from silky, and a little airy highs. The herron pre-is suppose to have no sonic character, merely present the music as provided by the source. In my case I have a Jolida 100cdp.

Will the Herron allow me to reach my goal of silky mids, 3-d soundstage and bass you can feel when present in the music?
in my initial a/b comparison the TAD wins on the top end with significant air 3-d presentation using sylvania jhs 12at wa tubes. the herron when played after seemed to have a val over the top end.
I haven't compared the two, but my Herron VTPH-2 phono preamp consistently beats all contenders I've tried on those very factors (silky mids, 3d soundstage, bass, dynamics, top end extension, clarity). I can't imagine the other components (preamp) would be any different.