Herron VTPH-2A vs ModWright PH 9.0

Hello, I was wondering if anyone has compared the Herron VTPH-2A to the ModWright PH 9.0? Unfortunately, I am not able to audition the two in person but am very curious how they compare. Their price is similar, Herron - $3650; ModWright - $2900/$3200 (with XLR connections). They also use a different sets of tubes, Herron - two 12AX7, three 12AT7; ModWright - two 6C45, two 6DJ8. I've heard 6C45 tubes are extremely quiet but, again, I haven't heard them in person. Appreciate anyone who can offer their experience with either product and how they compare in sound. Thank you!
Have not compared. Did a lot of due diligence before buying the Herron late 2018. ModWright wasn't even on the list. Did not go looking for it specifically. Was not even on the radar.

Now with a year plus on the Herron, totally unreservedly wholeheartedly recommend it. Search around here, read my review, read everyone's comments. World class performance, real world price. Give Keith a call. Just do it.

I have heard really good things about Herron, in fact I don't think I've heard a single negative. However, I have also seen the same with the ModWright. Truthfully, I am leaning more towards Herron but before pulling any trigger I was hoping to hear a review comparing the sound differences
I have used both of their products, just not the phono stages.  The after purchase service is a big deal for me.  I have had some updates to my amps and preamp by Keith.  Very reasonable and responsive to any questions.  Dan is the same way.  He always answers questions and is very helpful.  From a service perspective, you can't go wrong with these gentleman.
How do you think they compare as far as quality and sound? Do you tend to favor one company over another when looking for new equipment?
While I have a Herron in order, the Mod deserves to be in your radar - I would ignore anyone dismissing the products of this fine small company- I spent considerable time evaluating the seminal power amp they produce and a person I trust deeply has their phono stage with a Well Tempered labs / AT MC - superb sound.
i went with the Herron for a variety of reasons, some unique to requirements/ constraints.
keith has been a joy to work with !
enjoy your search and the music