Henry Cole on Toast of the Nation

Anyone else hear this live broadcast of Henry Cole's Afro-Beat Collective? I caught the tale end of it and said, "Whoa! What is THIS?" It was so unique, funky, and just plain BAD, I immediately ordered his album off Amazon. Put Wynton's tired Louise Armstrong follow up tunes to shame!
I reserve judgement on the WM set, but i listened to ALL of the Toast of the Nation program (9 PM to 1 AM and then it repeats itself until 5 in the morning). and it was really terrific, high energy but not just a blowing session either. every year NPR does this event and every year it just gets better and better. one reason i send them some money every year (the news is pretty good too and no Geico commercials either). another band did a tribute to Jimmy Hendrix and James Brown. Jazz but with a lot of chutzpah...