Help with Revel and Dunlavy Tweeters

Anybody know what the aluminum dome tweeters are in Revel F30's? They look suspiciously like Vifa D25AG-35-06's. Or, are they a proprietary design (I know the other drivers are)? I have some F30's (don't want to pull the tweeter to look) and I love the sound of the mids-highs. I recently picked up some Dunlavy SC-IV's and they sound quite a bit different from the Revels. I’m trying to determine if they are either really good or really bad.

The bass is great from the sealed enclosures, but the mids and highs from the Vifa silk dome tweeters can be particularly forward and harsh (regardless of positioning, so far). Maybe they are just super-accurate, meaning most of my recordings are crap, which could very well be the case. Some discs sound great, though. I have another pair of Definitive speakers with similar Vifa silk domes and the highs sound very similar to the Dunlavy’s. It looks like the aluminum dome Vifa would be a direct replacement for the Dunlavy tweeter with no mods to the Dunlavy's required.

I normally would not try this, but it may really make them sing. I realize you might expect the aluminum dome to sound harsher than a silk, plus there may be other considerations with the crossover parameters, etc. But, it would be cheap and easy to try. I'm using a Levinson 331 with a Krell KRC-3 preamp. Room is 22'x13'x7.5' with the speakers setup on the short wall (I know, long wall is better but that won't work for me). Any help is appreciated!
I believe that th Dunlavys are a 1st order crossover design, where the Revels are not. I'm not a speaker designer, but I would have thought that this would put the tweeter in a drastically different environment.

I'd look at the lower frequency cutoff specified for both the silk and the metal dome tweeters before putting a metal dome tweeter into the Dunlavys. you might find that the metal dome does not have the low frequency handling to live with a 1st order crossover.

I could be wrong, but it would be the first thing I would check.
I don't think that this is a speaker that one should try to "hot-rod"! There's more to designing a speaker than simply slapping in and swapping drivers. As you indicated, some standard drivers are highly modified to specific manufacturers' design philosophies!