Acoustic Zen or Tyler Acoustics or Dunlavy

There are a couple speakers that have recently caught my eye and would love to hear any opinions. (Yes, I know, in the end it is only my ears that matter.) One is the Acoustic Zen Adagio. One is the Tyler Acoustic D2 (or possibly the new MM5). And the other is an older model-the Dunlavy IV.  Anyone had an opportunity to hear these?  My tastes vary, but classical rock, acoustical, and big band are near the top. Thanks for the help. There aren't many places to audition these in my neck of the woods.
Any thoughts?
I have the tyler acoustic decade d1 speakers, they are awesome, don't know much about the other speakers but the tylers perform well above their price range, in my opinion at least
I have spent the last three weeks auditioning speakers in the 5-30K range in Dallas and Denver. In comparing these speakers versus the Dunlavy SC-Vs, these sessions have led me to the following conclusion that most of these speakers do at least one thing better than the Dunlavys, but none of them do as many things well as the Dunlavys overall. I did not hear anything from the two companys you mentioned, but I did walk away with a confirmation that Dunlavy speakers are still relevant vs the best designs today.
For general listening, I don't think you can go wrong with any of your 3 choices. Critical listening is a different matter.

I have the Acoustic Zen Adagio Jrs with a sub. The ribbon tweeter is on the polite side. They're absolutely seductive with acoustic strings - piano, guitar, violin, cello, etc. When I think of big band, horns come to mind. With the Adagios, horns won't blast you out of your seat like some cone tweeters will. The trade-off is textured tonal quality. My only disappointment with the Adagios is that reggae music just doesn't have the PRaT that I'd like. Perhaps, the reason might be that they're driven by tubes.

I drive the Adagios with a 35w tube amp. The mid-bass has considerably more punch when driven by a SS amp of 200 watts or more. Yet, I'm totally happy with my Adagios. They are extremely responsive to all tweaks - electronics, cabling and platforms.

Of course, ymmv. Listen before buying is always the best advice offered in this forum.
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I owned Tyler Decade D1s for over 2 years and they were fantastic speakers. They sounded great with all types of music, were easy to drive, and worked well for HT as well. I agree with Kedoades -- they perform above their price. I had to sell mine as we are fostering young children, but I certainly miss them.

I heard the Dunleavy IV several years ago, but that was in an audio store so not much to compare. My impression is the Tyler's are more musical and allow you to 'see more into the music,' but again, that was several years ago in an unfamiliar setting.
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I own a different brand from Ty...I have a pair of the Woodmere II's and they are by far the best speakers I have come across. The gentleman I bought mine from had two pairs and he is currently selling his second pair at a fantastic price, worth every penny. So if you are close to Virginia I would take a good look at those. The Woodmere is close to the D1, but are more wife approved in my opinion.
I have 3 different pair of Ty's speakers - Taylo 7Us, Linbrook System 2s and Decade 3s - have never been disappointed with any of them
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Chipbyrd I owned the D1's but now own the Von Schweikert vr-35's. I can provide some feedback if you like.