Help with new system

I want to use all tubes preamp,phono preamp,power amps,Spendor s8e speakers,ss stepup trans, denon dl 103 and other denon cartridges.
I have a vpi mkiv i like it but could change.
My budget is approx is $14,000
I would get a pair of Spendor S -100 or Sp-100s instead of the s8e. The SUT won't be ss, they are not an active device; I use Bob's Devices, it is very good with my Denon 304 and 103. See discussion of it in recent Stereophile and at 10 AUDIO on line. The VPI is a good table, I am a current VPI dealer and use to sell the MK4. I am a solid state user but have been tempted to try Quicksilver, looks very well built and reasonable in price for its level of performance.
Please look into the Cayin/VAS line. The US distributor, Steve, is good friend of Harry's and they recommend each others equipment. They are local to each other so it is easy for them to 'listen'. I have a few Cayin and VAS pieces and marry it with my VPI turntable. Excellent sound, and value.
Thanks guys for your advice and i have been looking at your ideas. My real problem is a phono preamp integrated or not, i am heading in the direction of buying something i cannot audition first. I do like Bob's suts but there are so many phono stages that look great. HELP

QUICKSILVERS w/ Audible Illusions - killer combo
I had the Spendor s8e and I used them with all Quicksilver.It was a great combination!