Help with Kilpsch KLF30 rattling cabinet

Anyone have any tips for repairing a KLF-30's rattling cabinet? The significant rattle is about 5 inches from the back panel's top on the right-hand seam. I can place a finger (with pressure) on the exact spot on the outside of the cabinet (versus the back panel) and it stops completely. Without the pressure the cabinet's rattle is absolutely HUGE!

Thanks for any tips! -Bob
From what I have read, the back panel on your speakers can sometimes come loose as the glue that was orignally used can fail over time. The fix that I read, if that is the problem is to use a liquid nails type glue and reseal the back panel. If you post over at the Klipsch forum you will definately find all the answers you need.
As Shiva mentioned, or phone Klipsch about the problem. They have very good customer service.
My first pair of speakers were the klipsch klf20. Heard them at tweeter - what a great sound. DYnamic as hell. I don't think tweeter carries anything as good as these anymore. (except the MLs - but they don't have any amps nice enough for MLs)