help with 2 channel system build

I'm new to the forum and it's been quite some time since I was amp shopping.I have a custom built pair of 2 way floorstanding speakers that are rated at 100 watts(power handling RMS),150 watts(power handling music)and 200 watts(power handling)peak.I would like to get some opinons/recommendations on a good mid-fi ss or tube amp(under $1000.00) to power these in a fairly large 24x20 room and I listen at high volume levels quite often.I listen mainly to classic rock and jazz.I have a crown straight line 2 pre-amp and JVC OLY-5F turntable.
I plan on adding a powered 10 or 12 inch sub at some point.
An Aragon 4004 mkII used at less than $1000 might be a good match. It's 200 watts@8ohms and 400 watts@4ohms. Very rugged, reliable and it sounds good,too. It should play as loud as you can stand if mated with a good, properly matched preamp. Good luck.

Forgot to mention matching the output impedance of your Crown SL2 preamp (which is 500 ohms)to the input impedance of the amplifier you will be using. The input impedance on the amplifier should be atleast 10 times greater than the output impedance of the preamp. So, 500X10=5,000 ohms, which means any amp with an input impedance of 5k ohms or greater should be a good match. The input impedance of the Aragon amp I reccomended is 22,000 ohms which means it's a good impedance match. If you want a softer sound, a B&K amp might be a better choice for a similar price but I cannot attest to their reliability. Good luck.
Thank you for the suggestions and info Noble 100.Someone had also mentioned that a Vincent sp-331 or emotiotiva xpa-2 might be good choices.Would I be better served to buy new or just as well off with a used amp?
Amps are notoriously rugged and most will last 20+ years with no problems. However, if you do require warranty service it ould be expensive. The Emotiva amps come with a 5 year transferable warrant and are a good value new. They are a smokin' deal when purchased used. You can find more info. and a nice user community at

Good Luck!


The Vincent might be just what you're looking for. It's a German company but their products are built in China. The 331 amp is a hybrid, having 2 6n16 tubes incorporated into a basically solid state design. I've been curious about how this amp sounds, too. It puts out 150 watts and has an input impedance of 47,000 ohms which is a good match with your speakers and preamp. Audio Advisor sells it at $1,199 new, with a 2 year warranty, and may even give you an in home trial period, which means you can return it for a refund if you don't like it.
Emotiva amps may also be a good fit but, be aware, they're class D amps and will most likely sound different (better or worse is for you to decide) than the Vincent or used solid state amps. Sorry, can't comment on how these amps' sounds differ since I've only heard the Aragon. Good luck.
Thank you again for all your help Noble 100.I'm wondering how the Vincent would stack up against the Emotiva?(If I recall the Emotiva is 300 watts into 8 ohms?)I know watts are not everything and clean power is the ultimate goal(I think)and I have also heard the Emotiva does better in HT situations/environment.I suppose I could ask either or both companies for some kind of trial period buy/audition.Also heard good things about wyred for sound but they seem a bit out of my league at 1495.00 for the 250 watt model.
From what I've read both Emotiva and Wyred4sound are both good amps and, I think you're right, both offer trial periods just like Vincent. Personally, I would opt for the Vincent because I'm attracted to the concept of a ss/tube hybrid even though I've never heard one. But you should be aware that the tubes are not typical plug in type tubes;the 2 tubes are hard wired to the amp which means no tube rollimg and you'll need to have the amp in for sevice when the tubes need to be replaced. Vincent claims the tube life is 5.000 hrs. You could also Google reviews for each amp and see if that helps with your decision. Good luck and let us know when you make your choice.