help w/ an old pair of Goetz speakers

I've got a pair of Goetz speakers that I bought used about 15-16 years ago, that I now use in a second system. The problem I'm having is that the mid-range drivers have started to deteriorate (getting sticky, and chunks of the baffle of one have come off on the grill). These were never very common, and it appears that Goetz has ceased to exist (I've looked through endless listings that all have the same contact info., but these appear to all be old and no longer active). I don't know if there were different models, as the only markings beside the brand badge are the pairs serial number- 046). It has an 8" woofer & a 4" mid-range driver, and a front port, among other details.

Does anyone have any experience with these, have suggestions on replacement mid-range drivers? I've gotten the woofers re-coned, but the stickiness of the mid-range cone material suggest they are beyond this. I also live in an area (NE Iowa) where finding someone with any expertise in speaker repair has so far been a futile exercise.

Thanks in advance for any help.
I had a pair of these and was I glad to get rid of them! I know Mr. Goetz lived in the Atlanta area about 20 years ago because I bought mine from him. I've seen a few references to him since then but nothing in the last five years or so. As I recall the midrange (Audax?) had a sticky coating on it from the factory. I think it may have been a resonance damping material. I had information on the drivers at one time, but I probably threw it out. I will take a look and get back with you if I find anything.
Thanks Pmotz. I think I found not only the driver, but a source. After a good deal of searching google on the markings on the driver, I found it. Of course after all that, when I went back to confirm that I found the correct driver, I noticed a piece of tape. When I pulled it back, it said Seas (it is the model H143). I could have saved a lot of time if I'd noticed it earlier. I think I found a source, so hopefully a few more years on the secondary system.

I agree with you--- I was glad to upgrade these on my main system w/ some Vandersteens. They were still more than adequate for the other components in my second system, and the price was right (free).

Mr. Goetz was a friend of my father and he worked with him for a few years in Saudi Arabia. They worked for the Bechtel Corporation together and Goetz made speakers for fun as a hobby. I have two sets of them, one that I bought from him in 1996 when I was 17 for 800 bucks and another that my dad had purchased back in 1992. He had one room in his house with a bunch of projects going at the same time, sawdust everywhere. His wife had the most beautiful garden ever, it was completely irrigated and full of dozens of types of plants. Unfortunately I think he died a few years ago, according to my dad and I think that's why you haven't been able to find anything. I had a tweeter blow on one of my speakers so I replaced both of them and what Mr. Goetz told me when I was like 13 was that the secret to a great speaker is in the tuning of the speaker cone. You need to start at a low volume and tighten the screws that hold the cone in place and then gradually work your way up until the wood of the speaker box and the speaker cone itself start vibrating stronger than before and then stop and fine tune it to your favorite song, my set of speakers were originally tuned to Dark Side of the Moon and my dad's were Chopin or something like that. Mr. Goetz was a cool guy, I don't remember his first name but if you want it I can ask my dad, that might help you find out more. I know he entered national speaker contests and won multiple years but it was never a full blown production company, he made every single set different and by hand. You are lucky to have found them, they are one of a kind made by and an American for the sheer fun of doing so. Enjoy! He never listened to cds either, he hated the sound of anything other than vinyl and his turntable needles were like 1000 bucks each, back in 1991. Cool to find someone else with a set.