Goetz speakers......ever heard of them?

Have a chance to buy a pair.they where hooked up to classe amp and preamp.sounded great.any reviews would be apreciated.
I had a pair about 25 years ago, though I don't recall the model number. I think they were the first generation of his speakers. When I first heard them (at Mr. Goetz's house) I thought they were quite good (I was young and an audio neophyte) so I bought the demo pair (for $1200, regularly $1500 or so) and enjoyed them. Then I got the bug for something new and ended up getting Vandersteen 2Ci, well there was no comparison, the Vandersteen were MUCH better. To think, the Vandersteen's list price was the same (maybe even $100 cheaper) as the Goetz "Demo" price. The worst part is I had opened up the Goetz speakers for some reason (probably curiosity to see if they could be improved) and was not impressed with their build quality. Plain, unbraced boxes with some fiberglass, off the shelf drivers and a minimalist crossover (one inductor and one capacitor, and not very high quality ones at that). I found a buyer and never looked back. Perhaps the newer models (I think he continued to sell speakers through word of mouth or very small ads in Audio for 10 to 15 years after that) were more thought out but if the ones you're looking at are a basic rectangular box, about three feet tall, with three drivers that aren't flush mounted I would avoid them. A good used pair of Vandersteen's (or a host of other speakers) would be a better bet, but let your ears decide!
yes they are the 101 and seem like you described, there is an goner on here that used to sell them twenty years ago and thats where i first heard them along with some unity audio which another speaker i never see anymore. thanks for your help.
I had an entry level pair years ago,(1983) nice cabinets, 8 inch 3 way. They had a Seas woofer and mid and an Audax Poly Carbonate Dome. I don't recall his first name, but also sat in front of Some Goetz top end at that time that he brought to St. Louis(I live there). They were better, but had problems imaging and had a peak that I couldn't deal with. At that time, I went to work at SpeakerCraft/Marcof Electronics, our own stuff was much better.
A guy wanting to 'challenge' THEIL Loudspeakers in my store in Louisville, back in 1984 brought them in for a head to head comparison...it was brutal...he left with his 'speakers between his legs'. lol.

Just ran across this. I used to be a Goetz dealer in the early to mid 80’s along with other underground legends like Snell, IMF, and Essence. To Irsky’s quote, (I think I know Larry) I never heard a Theil that would hold a candle to Goetz except the 3.6 which was the only good Theil ever designed.