Help using A/V receiver to cntrl proj screen motor

I would like to connect my trigger switch on my projection screen through my "vintage" Pioneer vsx-29tx. My screen has 1/8" mono plug and the A/V receiver has a control in/out section, that accepts these jacks.

Could someone be kind enough to look at the manual for the receiver:

Screen is Stewart Luxus Model A electriscreen configured with screen trigger 12V ouput: (page 8 online screen manual)

I cannot see anywhere in the receiver manual where it explicitly states that it accepts 12V output sources to control projection screens. I would like to use the supplied receiver remote to do so.

I assume that you want to control your screen up/down with turning your Pioneer on/off. If so you will need any 110v A/C to 12v DC adapter. plug it into the switched outlet on the back of the PIO and hook up the other end to the screen as directed in the screen manual.

The other "remote" hook ups on the PIO have to do with sending out and receiving control codes. The screen simple wants to see 12v DC on the trigger wire.
Thanks Jj - I did that and worked perfectly. I actually just sold my pioneer Receiver and bought a b&k 507s2, which has 12vDC.