HELP Speaker Placement- A Nightmare

I have been considering paying an audio expert to come in and position and balance my audio/video system. I have received advice from a local dealer who suggested that I pick up a sound meter from Radio Shack and do it myself. How hard is it to truly balance a system? I am looking to position my speakers, JM Labs 905, so that they essentially "disappear". What are the tricks to positioning speakers, setting time delays for video, etc. etc. My email address is if anyone wishes to advice through email. Thanks again to all that help!
Try the cardas method at and/or the Audio Physic methed at One or the other will do wonders...
I second the above. I used the info on the Cardas site and it worked very well. Set them up according to their ratio and you'll be 99% of the way there. You can always move them a few inches to account for your room and your personal preference.