Help Proac 3.8/ Contour 3.3/ B W N802

Any advice on which speakers to get? I like the sound and the workmanship of the Proac. The Contour 3.3 sounds great too, but it's not bi-wireable and the workmanship is not as nice as the Proac. I listened to the 802 but was disappointed by the slobby bass; probably because the dealer had a bad system setup. Please help hence I need to replace my speaker asap!!!!

Btw, I am using Levinson No39 (CD), SF line 3 Pre-amp, and Classe CA401 amp.
I like the sound of the Dynaudio more then all of these. But I purchased the Contour 1.3 SE because I am a small
2-way monitor freak. And the tweeter on the 1.3 SE's was another notch sweeter. I lost some bass power but it was worth it.
The Proac 3.8 was the champion for classical music so if that is all you listen to then I would firmly to it. The Contour 3.3 is a great all around speaker that plays everything great. Plus the Dynaudio will run famously on that Mark Levinson No.39. The B&W's are alright but I would never choose them over either one of these. But obviously, this ia a very personel decision and your ears will need to make the final decision. I also felt that the compressionless woofer tecnology ( the high energy magnets with the 100mm voice coils ) of the Dynaudio's really give a smooth bass for all loudness levels.
I'm not familiar with the workmanship of the Proac, but I find it hard to believe that it is any better than that of those anal danes at Dynaudio. Dynaudios lack designer (sex) appeal, but the craftsmanship is top notch, at least for my Confidence 5s. I agree with Mcne. Dynaudios give the most accurate and smooth bass, especially if you can step up to the reference line which are not ported.
Never mind the workmanship. The Danes (at Dynaudio) make very good cabinets, and every one I have seen has been perfect (I agree concerning craftsmanship).

But they have the best ears on the planet. I never cease to be amazed how much music is in their boxes. They seem to know more about getting the best from their excellent drivers than others (or, maybe, they save the best drivers for their own production). Either way, I recommend the Contours. The overall integration, clarity, tonal balance, and power handling are hard to beat. Rather than bi-amp or bi-wire, give them top-notch, high power wires and an authoritative amp.
Thanks fellas for your inputs. You all have convinced me to go with the 3.3 not because of the peer pressure. I really like the Proac but unfortunately MCne is right about the Proac prefers classical music. Too bad money doesn't grow on trees otherwise I would get a pair of proac for my classical listening room and the dyn for my jazz and rock listening room. Dyn 3.3 it is. Now the tough part...I have to convince my wife that spending $7300 does make a difference. Yikes!

Thanks again,
Ok, you don't need my 2 cents then. I heard the ProAc 3.8 and it's the typical ScanSpeak carbon/paper woofer sound - lean and quick. Dynaudio is more realistic in term of fullness and quickness, I own the Confidence 5 and found the Contour 3.3 very close. Don't bother with 802N, I lived right next to Steinway grand piano for years and Contour 3.3 sounded much more accurate than 802N or ProAc 3.8 at least on playing piano.