Help On Thorens TD125 Mk2 - Headshell Wiring

I recently attempted to replace a cartridge in the removable headshell (stock arm) and broke a couple of the leads from the headshell towards the cartridge. These were broken off at the connecting wire pins and I cannot tell what color wire they were (due to my rotten eyesight) - I should not be changing cartridges anymore...

At any rate, can anyone tell me what the arrangement/color coding is for cartridge lead wires from the arm connection end of the headshell to the cartridge?

For example, with the cartridge end of the headshell facing me with the stylus facing up, what would be the Lower Right, Lower Left, Upper Right, Upper Left correct colors at the arm connection to match the cartridge inputs?

Any help from all of you people out there would be very much appreciated...Thanks, Jim
I just checked my headshell ( Td 160 w tp16 Headshell )
as described with Cartridge upside down stylus up looking straight at front of cartidge I have :

Lower Right..... Green
Lower Left .... Blue
Upper Right .... Red
Upper Left .... White

Hope that helps..........!
Probably no help,but something to look at.>>[]
Hifitime...Thanks for your response. I had checked this already and, aside from it being in four languages, did not provide the help I needed. The blow by blow description started with the supposition that the wires were already in place.

An earlier response to this tread provided the coding based upon his TD-160 with a similar arm and headshell. I tried it and it sounds "right."

Jim Chrzanowski
The Japanese TT's headshells seemed to interchange a lot.Maybe the same goes for European TT's.I'm glad your back in business.
UK ebay pic>>>[]