Need help for choosing cartridge for Thorens TD125

I have a Thorens TD125 with SME 3009 series III arm.
I need some advices for a new cartridge. I am mostly listen to vocal and classical music.

Here are some cartridges that I am thinking about:

Shelter 201, Clearaudio Aurum Classic MM wood, Aurum Beta, Beta S, Benz Micro Silver and Ortofon 2M black.

Or do you think I should not spend too much for cartridge on this table/arm setup.

Be warned I am a dealer and I think if you have a real knowledgeable dealer in your area you should rely heavily on them.

With that said, you can spend too much but more importantly you can get the wrong compliance cartridge for your arm and cause it to ring.

I carry the Benz and the Clearaudio but like them for different reasons. I think of those 2 I would do the Benz on your table and I would even consider going down a model. Clearaudio may be a little stiff. The only danger of the Benz is that it is a heavy cartridge so you have to make sure you have enough counter weight for it.

The Ortofon is a safe choice but is also the least inspiring.. I have not heard the Shelter but have heard good things about it.

The Audioquest Sorbathane mat works great on that table by the way.
Back in the days, I had a T-125 with a Stax arm and ran a stanton 681EEE. The SME 3009 arm mates very well with a 681EEE, also, and was a popular cartridge with that arm then.

For the price (149$), there is no danger in trying. It might be all the cartridge you need.

Bob P.
I did forget to tell you that Grado makes a safe cartridge as well.