Help on purchasing a used high high end system

Audiophile Gurus… I need your help.

Someone is selling his audio system which consists of:

1 pair Sonus Faber Electra Amator for mids and high
1 pair KEF (old model) for the bass
1 pair of unknown tweeters for highs
6 tube Classe if I am not mistaken monoblock amps powering the mids and high speakers
1 Mark Levinson 200 watt ss amp for the KEF
1 active cross-over
2 Linn pre-amps for the left and right
1 Wadia CD player

I am a novice who’s system consists of a Rotel pre-amp, amp, Rotel source and straight to B&W speakers so buying this system is scaring me. However, the guy is on the verge of bankruptcy and I might be able to get a good deal for some units.

Right now I am planning to get the Sonus Amator speakers, and a pair of tube amps and the pre for it (bedroom system). Might also get another pair of tube amps and the pre for my B&W 803’s (which I already own). Of course the cables and interconnects. And maybe the Wadia top mount CD player too

My question is… what is the difference between an active and a passive system? Can I get the items I said above without the active crossover and just drive them using the pre and the amp or is it a totally different system. I heard the seller mentioning that he cut out the cross-overs from the speakers. What does that mean. Please enlighten me.

I am planning to buy the items I mentioned above for say $8,000 is that a good price?

BTW - this system is in the Philippines so I am the only buyer hehehe since I live here
If the crossovers have been cut out,you can forget about the name on them.Half the attraction of those speakers is that you don't need to biamp/one amp necessary.
When buying things overseas,you are at their mercy.I highly recommend buying from sellers-HERE.That 8K can be well spent in the USA.Get a 1st Sound 2.0 for $2200,a new Gallo, Proac,or used Sanus' with crossovers and spend the rest on mono tube amps.
You can biamp passively,but it will take a talented designer.The active usually affects the sound in a negative way,unless used on the bass pass.A designer will usually provide a competent crossover,or they are not reviewed well and disappear.
Please think twice before entering into this type of deal.If this persons'judgement was sound,they most likely wouldn't be going bankropt.
spend the 8 grand elsewhere....
That is not a system for a Novice IMO, $8,000 will buy you a very good system on the used market (on the new market for that matter). Get a well thought out plan going first, one that takes your wants-needs-room into account and go from there. Every system regardless of price or size should still receive the same amount of thought and care to maximize it's performance.

I would NEVER purchase a complete audio system without listening to it and inspecting it first!
Always purchase something like this with resale in mind. How hard would it be to resell. Can you dump most of it on ebay and get most of your money back? Generally speaking, custom built stuff is not even worth the shipping unless it was built by an extremely reputable shop.
Yeah, I wouldn't buy this system either. The most important thing is to assemble components that will match your musical taste and listening style. You need to find out what YOU like, and that takes a lot of time, research and listening experience.

Save the 8 grand, go out and listen to all you can to find out what you like. That's the whole game, because once you accomplish that you'll have a good idea of what components might work for you. Don't buy a whole system or any single piece of gear for that matter because some one or magazine says it's good. Only you can decide that.

Keep your money, enjoy the Islands and most of all the beautiful Filipinas!
You have many many great deals here in USA
And do not forget - postal people have no respect for the hi-end audio components

Good Luck!
Thanks for your inputs.

Just to clarify things. I do live in the Philippines so no shipping cost he he. And I heard the system. BEst damn system I've ever heard. Music seems to be created from empty space in font of you. Damn what a soundtage and depth.