help on center speaker

I am in the process of upgrading my system to 6.1 channels. I just got my NAD T753. I have front Linn Index speakers and just purchased Linn Unik for the back together with a Linn Afekt sub. Can someone recommend me a front center speaker to match with my current Linn speakers? I heard that Linn Centrik will be the best match (discontinued model). Will any other brand work for my setup or should I stick with Linn? Maybe KEF? Or maybe I won’t make any difference at all? Any ideas/comments are welcome.
Thanks a lot!
another linn index might do the trick.

just a thought.

OK I am new here and I have few problems:
just got my NAD T753 (Linn Index in the front, Linn Afekt sub, Linn Unik center, Denon surround sound) - I know not a perfect setup, but I am in the process of upgrading.
1. Why do we need to buy expensive "full range speakers" when we are going to set the subwoofer to take care of all of the frequency below 60/80 Hz? This is not making sense to me... any help please? I believe a good sub with cheap speakers will do the job as well. What am I doing wrong?
2. The NAD T753 does have the hush noise and it is noticeable... I have also an old (10+ years) NAD 302 integrated amplifier and the sound is much better compared to the T753. Is this the end of the NAD era?
Thanks for you response! So I guess the solution is to use my old NAD 302 integrated amp with my Linn Index speakers for listening to music (NAD 502 cd player), and setup the NAD T753 receiver for home theater using the Linn Afekt sub and 6 low priced/not full range speakers - for example 6 Linn Unik ($225 a piece). It does not make sense to buy good/full range speakers for home theater and then to send all the low frequency to the sub. I think this should be my target - I just need to find 5 more Linn Unik (have one already) and I should be good to go.
"It does not make sense to buy good/full range speakers for home theater and then to send all the low frequency to the sub."

When one uses full-range speakers with good bass response, one simply doesn't 'send all the low frequency to the sub', one leaves the low frequencies that are indeed present in the other 5 channels in those channels. The result is more directionality to the overall sound AND a less-loaded LFE woofer.

"I believe a good sub with cheap speakers will do the job as well."

Small speakers and 1 sub probably will never sound as good as 5 full-range speakers and a subwoofer.
Ok, let me make sure I understand this correctly: if you setup the speakers to full range (large speaker in the NAD's setup), the low frequency will not be cut for those speakers - for example my Linn Index's low range I believe is from 60 Hz. The rest of my speakers have a low freq range of 80 Hz.
In this case do I want to set the sub crossover to 60 Hz and front speakers to LARGE or I still have to set the sub to 80 Hz with front speakers to LARGE?
My intuition tells me that the second setting is the correct one.
Thanks a lot for the help!
If you can, use the same speaker that you use for your mains for the center channel. Actually use the same full range speakers all around.With large speakers this may mean building a new baffle to rearrange the drivers. It may mean building a different shaped cabinet to house the drivers, just keep the volume the same. Build a special cabinet to hold it over the TV, or put it behind a perforated screen. Be creative and come up with a way to use the same speaker. You will be glad that you did. The center speaker is very important, I wasn't satisfied untill I matched mine up.

Full range speakers arn't a waste. They allow you to set the crossover frequency to the sub much lower the 80Hz. Mine are set between 35 and 40Hz.
no, I would set the NAD crossover at 80hz (all channels) and all speakers small. Turn you sub crossover all the way up or disable it. Remember LFE is 120Hz and lower, if your subs crossover is in the way you will be missing information. A large speaker never sends anything to the sub, only small below the crossover setting...
I will keep it at 80 hz and small speaker setting, until I upgrade my front speakers.
Remember that the Afekt is factory set to match the Unik. If you put it with a "larger" speaker with better bass response than the Unik, such as an Index, you may find the bass a bit tubby. This is what happened when I put an Afekt with Tukans. I had to adust the Afekt so that it crossed over at a point more appropriate for the Tukans (i.e. lower). However, if you do this, it will now not match the Uniks, which you also have. You might not notice it in HT, but if you listen to newer formats of multichannel music, such as SACD or DVD-A, it may not be a good thing . This is one reason why speakers all around should be relatively similar, and full range, as opposed to the days when rear speakers only produced effects.

Regarding one of your other comments about front speakers having to be be full range, they don't "have" to be. However, if you have full-range speakers, you will have bass in stereo. This gives good musical reproduction. And for HT, let the sub take care of the non-musical booms and crashes. If you have small monitors, crossed over at a high point, with bass filtered out and handled only by the sub, you will have mono bass. Fine for HT, but there's a lot of musical bass in the 40-80Hz mid-bass region. (The open E string on a electiric guitar is around 36-38Hz) It won't be in stereo if you filter it out. That's one reason why some people suggest that you need two subs, ... or full-range speakers in front.

Some NADS have a reputation for audible hum and hiss. You have to live with it. NAD is good value for the money but you get what you pay for.

I think a Centrik would be fine as a centre It's more likely to match than a different brand, if you can find one. As far as other brands go, trust your ears. Remember Linn's philosophy: "if it sounds better, it is".
So I guess in this case I have 2 options:
- Upgrade front speakers: I am thinking of the Linn Ninka (50Hz-20KHz), then set them as full range front l+r and crossover the rest of the speakers (Linn Trikan in the center and 3 Linn Unik in the back). Also the Ninka are matched to the Trikan center speaker. A bit expensive, but I will try to get them used. If I get the Ninkas I am thinking of also buying a better power amp (NAD THX 216).
- Buy a second sub (Linn Affect) - this is a cheaper option - used can be found for like $700. The only problems is that my receiver does not have l+r outs for the sub (it has only sub1 and sub2).

I am thinking that option 1 is better. Any ideas?
and regarding the center speaker - I got the Linn Trikan.
If the Trikan goes well with your Index, why not sit on that for a while? Catch your breath and let your budget prepare for what you might want to do next. You may not even need a second Afekt. Remember that the objective is to build a system that you like, not to spend a lot of money as fast as you can.

Do you really need 6.1? Do you watch a lot of movies with 6.1? Do you need a centre rear to fill in a space in your room? If you don't, if you can be happy with 5.1, another option, instead of two Ninkas, and at roughly the same price, is four Katans. Sell the Index and Uniks. The Trikan matches the Katan as well as the Ninka. It's a sideways step from your Index, rather than an upgrade, but it provides an upgrade path to a 5.1 Aktiv system. Katans all around with a Trikan would be sonically matched and upgradeable to Aktiv. Ninkas/Trikan/Unik would be matched in front but not as well in the back, and would not be upgradeable to Aktiv, unless you later replaced the Uniks.

I obviously can't say what's best for you, but these represent options in addition to what you proposed above.

I find your thread quite interesting because I am in the middle of doing the same thing, i.e. building a HT. I have Ninkas, a Trikan, and Katans. I have an Afekt sub that I'm not using since it's too small to use with Ninkas, although it is big enough to use with Katans. I'm skipping the 6.1/7.1 options at this point and concentrating on 5.1
What amp/receiver are you using? I am just currios. Regarding the 6.1 - I am not crazy about it, but I will be ready for the future, and I don't have to upgrade any time soon.
As for me I will stay for now with the Index/Trikan/Unik/Afekt speakers + NAD T753. I think next upgrade will be the front speakers - I thinking on the Ninkas as well.
Plamenz. Over the last few months, I have been in the process of converting from 2 channel to an HT. I don't have the complete set-up yet. I have Ninkas and a Trikan for the front, and Katans for the rear. I also have the Linn AV5125 five channel power amp. I am just now looking for a pre/pro. The reason why your thread caught my eye is because you're doing almost exactly what I was thinking of doing a few months ago. I was initially planning on using a somwhat smaller speaker package with Uniks as part of the system. I was also going to use a NAD T753 and then start upgrading from that starting point. However, I got sidetracked by some deals on AudiogoN that I couldn't resist! I'll end up with a much better system, but it's going to take a bit longer to be able to afford it all. In view of what I already have, I'm about 99% sure that I'll finish it off with a Unidisk SC. What the heck, why not. I'll just eat dog food for a year in order to afford to pay for it.