Help Newbie Cables for Mac/JBL??

Never paid much attention to speaker wire...Now I am. Recently purchased Mac C42 PreAmp, MSD4 Processor, Sony 9000es SACD, And MAC MC602 (600wpc) Main Amp. Using my other Mac amps for my other "Surround" speakers. Wish to cable up my '602 into my great big old JBL Olympus main speakers (circa 1974)...Never forayed into the cable arena before !! Modest budget....Advice please ???? Macfan Al
Good advice I've been given/used is buy the entry level cable of one of the many reputable cable companies. Why? Most often the entry level cable offers the best performance per dollar spent ratio. As you go up the scale you get better performance but all too often it's the law of diminishing returns. I'm a Nordost fan but there's many other good choices like Cardas, Kimber, AudioQuest, etc., etc.
I agree...Kimber Kable and AudioQuest have some of the best 'budget' cables that work well with most everything. In the past I haven't been very happy with AudioQuest, but they've really improved. Kimber Kable has always been top notch.

After you get all of your other hardware upgrades compelted and perfectly matched, you may want to revisit cables again to try more esoteric/expensive/creative designs from some of the smaller and more specialized cable manufacturers.
Try to get used cable . I like Monster & Kimber
Greetings Mac/JBL fans-I have in the not too distant past had a system with the Sovereign?/LE-15 and MAC tube stuff. I had homebrew cable then, and some Audioquest Clear(light in the bass)but I now run Goertz MI 2 Veracity and feel it would be a great match with the JBL/MAC sound.
Cheers, Roger
Thank you everybody....A fellow in Singapore E mailed me with his recommendation, which I take it is not found too readily in the US..And that is "Audioplan LS12"....Anybody know anything about them and where I may pick some up?? He raves about them, as he has Mac stuff also....I E mailed their website in Germany and expect a reply shortly......Macfan Al