Help Needed Designing an "Amphitheater-Like" House

Hi Folks! It's been a while since I've been around... I obtained a modestly priced system a few years ago, and of course the dreaming and wondering continues. Anyway, I'm trying to design an amphitheater-like house (as if I would ever be able to afford it!) which employs angled walls and a special sloping, barreled ceiling. The design is an attempt to transform the Great Room (which encompasses the living room, dining room and kitchen) into a form not unlike the insides of a musical instrument. The idea is founded on eliminating hard 90 degree corners and such, BUT DOES reflect sound waves from back walls toward the listening area. Also, there is a balcony that I would hope would enjoy good sound from as well.
So, if sound waves are being reflected AT ALL, back toward the listening area; IS THIS A FLAWED DESIGN!? Does the use of room treatments strive to deaden such reflections from behind making this design unfeasible? Is the notion that the room being shaped sort of like a Russian Balalaika (a stringed instrument) a silly, unproductive use of my time? If anyone knows about such stuff, please respond. Thanks in advance. Your Friend, Mr. Stain
New info:
I took the trouble to see if others had similar questions, and behold; they did.....
So it seems there is a rift between rectangular shaped listening room fans; and fans of rooms that have no parallel walls. I now ask if the front wall (where speakers are) and the rear wall (behind the seating device) can be parallel? I should mention that the sloping, barreled ceiling doesn't reach the rear wall before being segmented by the other half of the roof/ceiling which simply slopes flatly down again to the edge of the rear wall. It is difficult to explain this with words, but perhaps Rives, if you're out there, or someone else who can picture this can provide insight, please do. Thanks again
I thought amphitheaters were outside with no walls or roofs?
The idea was to make sounds audible to all listeners without the aid of amplification.
Maybe what you really want is an arena rock venue? lolol
Indeed, I chose the wrong word to describe the structure. 6550c, you are brilliant for discovering my mistake! I REALLY meant to describe a "music hall" type of structure, but before I had the chance to correct myself, YOU did it for me! Thanks! Hey, you even managed to infer that I listen to arena rock, which I presume would mean that I lack true audiophile taste. Perhaps you listen to "Aja" and "Dark Side" a lot, or better than that, "Classical" (groan) music! I wish I was like you!
It's o.k., I found out about a book that goes into room acoustics; and I will be using that for information. It's a shame, because I could endure a bunch more abuse if I just hung around here!
Oh, hang on! In my counter-slight list of music I suggested 6550c listens to, I mentioned "Dark Side". This could create a situation where someone could deconstruct my irony and point out that Floyd could be considered arena rock. So I will restate:
Perhaps you listen to "Aja", watered-down "Jazz" featuring expert, annoying female vocalists on recordings with superlative production value, or better still, "Classical" (groan) music!
Alright, I'm sure there's other stuff I'm messing up, so have at it.
What ever you say, Mr_stain. Remember, in the end, it is all in the brain. Some of got one, some of us didn't. The brain is the ultimate transducer, so don't forget to work on that a bit too. okay? lolololol!!
Confusing response, and not sure why I came back; but trust that this will be my last post on Audiogon Forums forever. I stopped using Forums on other sites because the nastiness factor really comes out in people when they are separated by long wires. Anyway, the trouble with this Forum, which 6550c's remarks kind of exemplify is the undertone of snobbery that seems to come up again and again. People regularly show off their 'superiority' and brag about what they own. And of course, the emphasis is on physical equipment rather than ideas. For instance, in the various categories listed on the Forums page, the subject of "Music" wins about 5000 posts (about the same as "Tech Talk") and falls thousands of posts short of things like amplifiers. Then, upon reaching the "Tech Talk" forum page, one is offered some general things to comment on under the heading, "What do you think?" In that list, two threads stuck out to me in particular: "What does your system retail for?" and "What is Musicality?" The former thread is older, thereby deserving its post count which is a full 6 times the amount of the later, but wait..... people keep posting on the $$$$ thread while the "Musicality" thread has remained dormant for several months now.
There is a thread within the "Misc. Audio" section's "What do you think?" header entitled (get this), "What time do you wear?"
GET LIVES. I'm out, peace....
Geezee, you call me a Steely Dan lover, then run away. Talk about drive by trolling. What about the chink in my armour? You don't see me crying off to mambe-pambe land (I love that add) lololol

Anyway, you do raise an interesting point. I too have wondered why useless posts get dozens of replys and good honest questions only get one or two. Something to do with the human condition I guess I don't understand? I too have had techincal post go 100% unanswered. You are right, you never know about who is on the other side of the wire- could be unstable prozac kid or something? Dont sweet it!

AS for this place, the focus is on higher end and ultimte audio equipment. That's what it is about. Most of us (me too) can't afford 10 or 20 or 50K$$$ gear, but I still want to see it and think it is great to have a place to talk about it) I dont really see snobbery. Maybe a few people will use expensive items to "proove" they are better than you but most don't. That is why there are more posts on amps than music. The amp is also the "macho" part of the system, much like the blower sticking out the hood of a car, so that is why they get so much attention.

I just own a modest system too (and not considering building a whole house just to make it sound a little better).
Mr S, You have a very interesting idea! A design as this could be particularly beneficial for very low power/high effeciency systems, of which I am a fan of. Speakers that need corners accentuate their weaker LF output. I would be interested in some experienced/knowledgable feedback, as well.
Why do you want a house designed that way or do you mean a room? How big will it be?
While perusing the Real Estate listings, I notice more Churches becoming available for sale. Perhaps faith is not the "vogue" now. Most are offered with residential zoning approval. A couple actually have Pipe Organ systems included! God is a good roommate.
HIRE an audio design consultant.
Anything I....or anyone else, for that matter, would tell you would like as not be simply wrong or incomplete.

something like Rives Audio would do.

This is a pretty deep-pocket approach but will get you exactly what you want. They (consultants) can do anything from design to complete execution.