Help me pick out amp & preamp for Tannoy D700's

I'm a McIntosh guy and need to upgrade from my 6100 and JBL 65's.

Just purchased a set of Tannoy D700's. Plan on using just one amp and looking at McIntosh MC 300, 352 or 2500 and McIntosh C 100, 38 or 2200 preamps.

Im I on the right track, what should I go for. Thanks in advance for any suggestions on what to get and what to stay away from.

Ive heard all the models you have mentioned, from your list the MC352 and toss up between C2200 and C100...tone controls and tubes for the C2200, versus SS and a better phono section in the C100.
Find one MC500 and C2200 for your D700's, you will be in heaven.....Check Tributaries XLR cables too !!
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