Help me find the right DAC

Dear AudioGon community,

please help me pick a a dac based on the following criteria:

optical in / rca analog out
Ethernet in and ROON support
price $700 or less ( i’m totally open to buying used )
It to be awesome 😎
and MQA decoding.

Thanks in Advance!

(1) In the sub -$1000. - $2000 price point strata, there is minimal to nil differentiations in DAC audio performance ( with a slant more to the latter in many cases). Stepping up in price$$ alone won’t get you to Audio OZ either: you need to have the rest of the system in like price and performance strata with the abilities in resolution capabilities, or its it a noble but wasted attempt. At the sub $1000:price point strata, there is a similar further minimal to nominal differentiation down to an approximated $700 point. The bespoke brand sonic signature effects are much less. ( everything in this crazy hobby is built only to its price-point)

(2) Hence, at your stated budget DAC price point strata, there is a very large selection of contenders and pretenders. Set your search filters to include “ROON” and (hopefully) go audition a sample. Otherwise, if you elect to go blind purchase, then it boils down to just a “pick one of ‘em “ exercise with no “Silver Bullet” choice.
(1) In the sub -$1000. - $2000 price point strata, there is minimal to nil differentiations in DAC audio performance ( with a slant more to the latter [NIL] in many cases).

@akg_ca  please elaborate... Thanks.
So, you want a streamer? Because a DAC just takes digital in and outputs analog, they don’t support Roon or any internet connection.  
A streamer with a good DAC, Roon, and MQA support for <$1000 is asking a lot, specifically because Roon and MQA are gonna have fees.  
From a technical standpoint in regards to audibility, MQA offers nothing over PCM, so I would forgo it. 
The BlueSound Node 2i is $500; it’s DAC is ok, but you can add say an SMSL SU-8 for $250, which is a pure DAC, and a very good one.
I don’t need some super dac because this is for my vintage ACCUPHASE/ B&W system in the garage. We lost like will have the door open and kids jumping on the trampoline and whatnot so sound quality isn’t critical. I want a networked roon ready streamer (thanks mzkmxcv) so I can access my Roon Server in the basement of main house. I have my hifi listening room and my bedroom system hooked up to that server and would be nice to have garage as well. I also need optical in so that I can run optical out of a 3gen Apple TV into the dac so we can get sound from the projector when we wanna watch the game. 
The mentioned BlueSound Node 2i should be up your alley then. For optical in, you’ll just need a Toslink to mini Toslink cable: FosPower, EMK, and KableDirekt have ones on Amazon; or get any normal Toslink to Toslink cable and get an mini Toslink adaptor. 
Again, the DAC inside the BlueSound Node 2i is decent. However, it’s optical input is very poor. Again, I recommend something like the SMSL SU-8 to go with it, it can take full-size Toslink as well as digital coax (the BlueSound sound output digital coax (aka RCA) to the SMSL).