Help me clarify these doubts on Preamps/Pre Phono

Ok, it's time to get a good Pre/Pre Phono Combo.
Unfortunately I have not everything cleared: I gotta choose among:

1. ARC Ref. 2 MKII + ARC Ref. Phono;
2. Aesthetix IO Signature with Volume Cont and 2 power supplies (directly connected to the amp);
3. ARC Ref. 2 MKII + Aesthetix IO Signature with 2 power supplies;
4. Bat VK51SE + Phono VK10SE;

Now, assuming for absurd that those combos have the same price range (used, obviously), what would you choose and why considering you have to coordinate a Colibrì 0,65 mv at 500 Ohm optimal load impedence?

Thanks everyone
Of these choices I would pick the Aesthetix IO signature. They seems to be a step ahead of some especially the BAT gear. What source and cartridge, and then amp are you using?
I'm with Nrchy on this one: the Aesthetic Io would be first choice, followed closely by the BAT gear. However, before you make a final choice, you should audition both of these carefully in your system. The two choices have somewhat different sound qualities, and in this price bracket you should be sure which one suits you best before laying out a lot of money.
Thanks for the help.
Concerning the cartridge, I just pointed out I have a Colibrì 0,65mv at 500 Ohm optimal load impedence.
Obviuosly I should listen them in my sistem: I just wonted some suggestions.