These new POLK LSiM's look tempting

I read on Polk forum the top line towers will run $4,000/pr. Due out in early 2011. I'm looking forward to the reviews. Very attractive looking.
I had the LSI9 and they were excellent. I am also tempted to try these out, cant wait for the reviews to come out. I currently have the Dynaudio 1.3SE and Confidence 5
I'm a huge Polk LSi fan. Loved my 15's. Will be watching these!
I don't like it when brands compromise thier design making the speakers thin.... the woofers....

But nothing against Polk or their sound, just a general statement.
I've always been a fan of the Polks. My RTi28's have served me well for the past 8 years.
I've always liked the Polk sound. Not enough to buy them, but they were always decent. These new models look like they are slowly evolving into Definitive Technology speakers. Can't say I'm surprised. I hope Polk retains its house sound in the new lines.

If You have a pair of Confidence 5's your done. This baby is one hard speaker to beat. You have to really go way way way up in price.

Polk's will be nice I'm sure, but not in the same class as you 5's
I agree, the Confidence 5 is heaven on earth, I love them. Still working on proper cable and setup. The Mids and Highs are to die for, the Bass is very good but unlike the other drivers they are not forgiving, it has to be perfect to get them to sing properly but I have never heard a speaker sound this good in my home. I use to enjoy the LSI9 before switching over to Dynaudio, I wonder what these new Polk speakers have to offer, just curious really.
Also had the LSi9 bookies, and went to Dynaudio, but the Focus 140's. It's not often, but there are times when I miss the 9's, believe it or not. They conveyed a level of texture that the Dyns lack, so I'll also be waiting to try these out - mainly the bookers.
The change's with the new LSiM serie's. Polk has done away with the Vifa ring radiator tweeter and now design's their own ring radiator tweeter they claim is superior to the Vifa. The new serie's are 8 ohms. The top model, the 707 goes down to 20 hz and can easily handle amps at 1000 watts
rms which Polk has informed me directly. The new serie's has greater detail. The biggest change is they have greater echo decay, three dimensional holographic imaging and very deep hall effect which was lacking in the previous LSi serie's. Polk claim's the new serie's are their best and greatest speaker design in the history of the company since 1972. The new cabinet design and the dark mahogany finish is gorgeous. If their statement's are true, they have achieved the best high end value ever in the history of high end Audiophile speaker's. For the 707, a four way speaker to
achieve all of this at $4K a pair is simply unheard of. It appears they have produced an all time winner!
^This post was brought to you by the apostrophe.
I heard the new Polks at both LSAF and RMAF ... both times they were very thick and muddy sounding, bass was WAY out of balance with the rest of the spectrum. I guess if you like that kind of the sound you'll like the Polks. If you like balance though, look elsewhere.
I have read the oval "race track" woofers are actually better then many round woofers, is this true and if so how come only a handful use them?
They sound fine in a larger room.
Vapor, I don't buy in too what your saying. You must be with the anti-Polk camp. Way out of balance with the rest of the spectrum? Baloney! Polk's recent merger with Defined Electronic's who also owns DefTech, makes them the largest speaker company in the U.S. Polk has several anechoic chambers and has the most advanced high tech R&D lab in the country for speaker design. The driver's used went through 16 month's of research and design before production. The upgraded race track woofer is an original Polk design that Polk manufacture's for DefTech's Mythos speaker's, since the Deftech President, Sandy Gross, was a co-founder and Partner in Polk. The 707 speaker has a razor flat response and must be placed in a large rectangular room to avoid a standing wave problem since they go very deep down to 20Hz and need to burn in for 100 hours. What Polk has achieved with the 707's for $4K a pair
is a model that has all the best qualities of Wilson, KEF,
B&W and other best speakers up to to $40K a pair. If I were a principal in these companies, I'd be crappin my pants over the 707'S. Polk has finally after 39 years, designed a true Audiophile high end speaker that has it all at a ridiculous price of $4K. The new midnight mahogany finish is gorgeous. Polk offer's a 30 day money back guaranty if your not satisfied with the performance.
10-27-11: Beave
^This post was brought to you by the apostrophe.
I was thinking the same thing but in a different way,"This post brought to you by Frank Zappa"!!!!
These new Polk's even do your laundry and cut your gras's!
When I heard them at Capital Audio Fest in May they were brand new and sounded pretty bad on the first day. By the end of that day (listening after hours) they had opened up and sounded much better. By the end of the last day they sounded fantastic. But the Audio Research Ref 5 and Ref 110 did not hurt at all!
'I heard the new Polks at both LSAF and RMAF ... both times they were very thick and muddy sounding, bass was WAY out of balance with the rest of the spectrum. I guess if you like that kind of the sound you'll like the Polks. If you like balance though, look elsewhere.'

I know Polk Audio will be crushed to read your 'review'.
Your ignorance is exceed only by your arrogance.
But judging by sales figures, a lot of people just love that thick muddy sound, with bass WAY out of balance, of course.
Richidoo..One of the experiences on the 707's was Home Theater Magazine's review from the November 2010 issue..quote, " I listened to the 707's with an all tube set up from AR, and what I heard was staggering, there was tremendous clarity, very strong imaging on and off axis, and very high impact but tuneful bass transient's. I almost
never hear sound this spectacular! Top to bottom, the LSiM series is a heckuva lot of speaker technology for the money." Also, a member on the Club Polk site who is a dealer, displayed the 707's at a recent show and stated they were equal and in some area's and sounded better than his Wilson Sasha's he has at home. For the $27K pair of Sasha's to meet its match from a pair of speakers costing $4K is amazing! In 1976 one out of four pair speaker's sold worldwide were Advents. No one has beaten that record.
Polk just may be the one to break that record since the LSiM's release five week's ago. I need to correct myself. Polk was bought out by Directed Electronics, not Defined Electronics as I stated in this thread. I have been hoping for 35 years for any speaker company to come along
and make a world class speaker at a budget price. The Polk wholesale Manager in my area, Andrew Ward, stated to me the 707's will go up against any speaker costing up to $40K a pair. It looks like Polk not only hit a home run with the LSiM's, but hit a grand slam.
'It looks like Polk not only hit a home run with the LSiM's, but hit a grand slam.'

Not the first grand slam for Polk. They just don't get the credit on this forum. I fear, the price doubled for the LSi15 replacement, the LSiM 705, in part due to the insidious influence of high-end audio, i.e. everyhing is judged by price. If it cost more, It's better. In spite of the arbitrary manner in which MSRP is determined. But I have my $4000 ready.
Rok2id..The reason for the higher cost for the LSiM series is that the components in the crossover boards are of much higher quality and cost more. All drivers are now made in house which increases labor costs.Their midrange driver is more sophisticated then previous designs, and the cabinets with there internal isolated chamber's for each of the
drivers result in more wood and labor time. Previous full range models from Polk could not compete against the top models from B&W, Wilson and KEF. With all new driver designs and crossovers, and all wood cabinets instead of
just wood side panels, result in a whole new performance that is true high end sound at its very best. Polk makes only 15 pairs a month of the 707's. The LSiM series make's Polk the reigning King of the very best high end budget speaker's in the U.S.
'Polk makes only 15 pairs a month of the 707's'

I notice they are hard to find in stock. Will the production rate increase in the future? Thanks for all the info. I hope they are a great success. Can't wait for the reviews to come in.
Rok2id...The 707's are in stock at their Vista, Calif. warehouse. But just the light cherry finish. Sold out of the dark Mahogany which is in great demand which will be back in stock by mid-December. Polk has warehouse's in Maryland and Calif. I doubt they will increase production since they are made from scratch with loving care. A lot of time to make each pair. Polk sell's direct so if you want the 707's you can reserve buy now and get on top of the list for the December supply. I have spoke to several Audiophile's who have listened to the 707's at show's in California, Denver and Montreal. They are stunned what you get for $ 4K. A remarkable achievement to say the least.
I came on here looking for more information on Polk Lsim 707s and I am a little disappointed that very little has been said about them on here. I own the Polk Rti A9s right now. I would just like to upgrade. I have listened to the Lsim 705s and thought they were very clear in the high end and magical sounding (if that is the right word) but seemed bright and I figured they would be fatiguing after a while. The Rti A9s I have are not fatiguing in the least. (I am using Hafler amps to bi-amp the speakers).
The Question is. What do people think of the Lsim 707s? And is there a better bang for the buck in that price range? Or ANY opinions of the Lsim Polks.
There seems to be very few owner reviews of the lsim series. I hope that does not mean they do not live up to expecvtations, or are not selling. They will have to be outstanding to better the Lsi15.
So the Lsi15 are better than the Lsi25? Do you know if the tweeters and midrange are the same components on both models?
They sure are a lot cheaper than the Lsim series.
I can't say if the 25's are better than the 15's, I have never heard the 25's. I think the tweeter and the midrange are the same. The woofer is larger and powered. The majority of the reviews I have read seem to favor the 15's over the 25's. The 15's are just perfect for my situation. The LSIM 705 is twice the price of the 15's.
I own a pair of LSiM-703 bookshelfs and they are superb! They are very detailed, have a very wide and deep soundstage, image very well, and dig lower than any bookshelf speaker should. I have owned many large towers that these bookshelfs put to shame. The build quality and performance is hard to beat for the price. They are winners!
I listened to a pair of LSIM 703 Monitors today and I was just blown away playing all types of music and they only used a very cheap av receiver and a very cheap blu-ray player too !

To my ears, these monitors are one of the biggest bargains in all of audio and of all time !!

Others that have compared these 703's to the 707's say the 703's are much better speakers too......
WOW...these 703's must be damn good for "less money"...move over.. Evolution Acoustics MMMicro One's !