Help me choose

I have a chance to pick up McCormack DNA 0.5 amp used, I have a Odyssey Stratos I'm using right now. I don't know if the McCormack would be a better fit for my system. So I'm asking if anyone has compared the two in there systems?
The rest of my set-up;
Pre amp- McCormack RDL
Speakers- Von Schweikert VR1
CD Player- SimAudio CD-1
Rega P5 Turntable
I had the dna.5 and it is a very musical amp. I would highly recommend it, particularly since you have a McC RDL. I had all McC electronics and it had great synergy. Go for it.
One nice option with the McC is that you can have it upgraded in the future as need and finances permit. SmC Audio can turn it from a diamond in the rough into a true gem!