Help. Looking for a new cartridge

Greetings. I am looking to upgrade my clearaudio concept mc cartridge.

So far I have looked into the maestro ebony v2

I'm trying to keep this under 1500$ including a protractor.

But I may make an exception for a Lyra delus. How good are they?

I listen to genesis Beatles led Zeppelin and 80s 90s rock.
Not looking for anything bright sounding. I want warmth depth and tight timing.

My system
Clear audio concept turntable
Parasound jc3+, jc2, a21
Psb synchrony one towers.


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Over the past year, I have owned the Delius and the Maestro Ebony v2. Both are excellent cartridges, and while the Ebony v2 is a MM cart, it is good enough to fool you into thinking it's a MC. I also own the JC3+, so I'm comfortable saying that you'd probably be pleased with either cart. There are several other cart's you should put on your audition list: Shelter 501 Mk3 or the 901; and the Grado Reference ($1500 MSRP). Obviously, it's best if you audition the cart's at home in your system.
If you are interested in the Shelter 501 Mk3, I have one currently listed for sale. It has about 25 hours of use, and was purchased from an authorized dealer. I'd be willing to let you audition it in your system, and give you a good price if you decide to buy it. Contact me for more info.