Help Locating Levinson Cables

Just bought a ML-11 power amp and ML-12 preamp at an estate sale. No cables were included in sale. The ML-11 has a built-in power cord, but the ML-12 apparently draws power from a pair (one each channel) of 6 prong interconnects (4 flat prongs one direction, two prongs at 90 degree angle in rectangular head) that connect the amp and preamp. Any help identifying or locating a pair of these power interconnects (or their heads, from which I could have cables made) would be much appreciated!

Also, audio signal connections (both source connection and left and right channel preamp to amp connections) on the ML-12 are made via Camac connections. I have sourced Camac adapters (allowing for connection with standard RCA cables) but would prefer male Camac terminated cables for the preamp to amp connection. Any help locating such cables would be much appreciated!
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Thanks Czarivey for your links, but none of these parts houses stock 5mm Camac connectors.

Good news is that I've located power interconnects, so no longer short those.
Found what I needed.