Help in speaker choice - Monitor Audio PMC700, etc

Can someone give me some insights into the following (I mostly listen to Jazz and classical)

1) KEF Reference 102/2
2) Monitor Audio PMC 700
3) Monitor Audio MA 1200 Gold MKII

Thanks very much in advance.
I can give you a bit of insight on the MA's. I have the PMC700's, CC70, and the PMC 703's. They sound fantastic on Jazz, Classical, and Blues. My 700's are used only for surround, so I can't really judge them in 2-channel. I will probably only buy MA speakers from now on. So life-like. I'm currently thinking of upgrading to the GR-60's for a better Rock presentation and selling my PMC's, hard to do, tho. You will be pleased with any of the MA speakers (except the silver series, mass market). Good luck.

The KEF 102/2 are suited to jazz and clasical music
I have the ma1200s too and love them but know nothing about them - did you ever find out any specs etc?
I had the PMC703 for many years and was very happy with them. I changed them a couple of year back because I moved countries and eventually went with the Sonus Faber Guarneris a very different speaker and a great dal more expensive!
You need to spend a lot more money to improve on the PMC series and I sometimes still miss the dynamics of the PMC703.