Help for S-video and Digital Optical

Please help me for S-video and Digital Optical cable for my DVD player and Satellite Dish under $200 each. Any recommend will appreciate!
thanks guys!
For a LOT less than $200 the Tributaries DCV-S is an extremely good cable. Because I needed a longer run, I replaced a Monster M-1000 S-video cable (much more expensive than the Tribuatries!) with the DCVS and actually felt that I upgraded. Sorry, no experience with optical.
If you decide you would like to try a monster optical cable I might be able to squeek one or two out of my system. They always worked fine for me. I used them with my cd burner digital loop to a reciever I use to have.
I second the Tributaries. I paid $80 for a 2m. run I think and it was notably better than a nice belden I have. Email me for details, I might be able to help you get the good price.