Help build setup for Thrash-Metalcore

Help build a new setup for Thrash-Metalcore. Plan: Preamp-Amp-Floorstanding speackers.
Goodwill for the first stop.Maybe speakers.Then a Rotel/Adcom amp for a few hundred here.Better yet get an older Sansui receiver 8000 series.Wont need the separates.Anyway lots of ways to go.You can get older Sansui speakers,SP200,they are great for Rock so same same for Metal dude,rock on,cheers,B
Hello Vlady,

Check out Adcom pre & power amps.
Sony ES or Pioneer Elite Cd Player.
Cerwin Vega speakers.

I had this set up during the 80's and the gear is great for Metal and Hard Rock!
I have Rotel. With Rotel I not fun, Rotel have no emotionals. I wonna more drive, more emotionals.
Sorry,I saw 1000 when I posted....
I want to find a sound rich colors, and not just loud and fast. I tried the Prima Luna DiaLogue One, Audio Research V50 with Klipsch Cornwall and Sonus Faber.These components play any music. But when I put the Slayer, the sound disappeared. I can not understand what's wrong? I Just loss my way.
We all do.Those are very good components.Try a different source?Not sure.You give tete info of room and more.Maybe moving rugs,furniture,speakers,ahhhhhhhhhhhhh,I dont know....but good luck,B
On Wednesday, I will try again Prima Luna
I've been enjoying my metal more than ever lately. I purchased a used Bedini 150 MkII on ebay & paired it with an old Lazarus Cascade Basic. Speakers are little Snell Type K/IIs, sub is a Snell Basis 150. I get more responses out of people who are dumbfounded by the sheer brutality of my setup. They can't believe the little Snells & sub make that great music!! You don't need "Bigger is Better!" BTBAM & Machine Head never sounded so good!!