HELP Best Interconnect for LINN Karin Pro/Pre-amp

I need some help in a interconnect for the Linn Karin Pro Pre amp..I'm going around in circles from good to better to bad....I started with the Tara Labs(RSC Prime) which sounded so so but bright Then tried Audio Quest(Jagaur)still bright and constrained,and then upgraded to Harmonic Tech Pro SilwayIII which sounded bright and edgey but were the best of the group so far...The Linn is a bright Pre to start off with and the HT just brought out more brightness....
I need something real (warm)almost tube sounding type of interconnect..Any Suggestions HELP!!!
Your comments are well appreaciated....The amps I am using are LINN KLOUTS which match the pre well
Hi, I have an Ikemi, Pekin, Kairn-Pro, Klouts (4), Keltiks
and two AV-5150. I have tried the Linn Silver but was not
impress, I bought Cardas Quadlinks and found them a bit dull for my taste, then I got Kimber Kables Hero for the whole system, to my ears these are one the best sounding interconnect in the market and their price makes them a great value. Please be advised that both cables need at least 100 hrs. of break in to sound right, they sound very bright when first hooked up. I got them from an retailer that give a 30 day trial period so you can let your ears decide without risk. Hope this helps, Hector Pedrosa.
I suggest you look at the cables from The Chord Co.