Help Best 5-disc cd-changer...........

I am looking for a really good 5-disc Cd changer. My Yamaha cdc 735 finally died after 15 years of service. I am now looking for a new changer, but I would like to know what you guys think. I am partial to Yamaha....I was looking at the C-750.(Iwas going to pair it up with the PS Audio DLIII DAC) I would really like to get the new sony SCD-XA5400ES, but its a single cd player. Can't decide!!

Thanks for your help.

This is going to hurt. Sony 595, sacd/cd changer. Buy it on SonyStyle when it is carried in the outlet store. I paid $80. I know you are laughing, hysterically. But wait, you need to hear it, and then, if disappointed, you can send it back. Sony will even pick it up for free.

I have this unit, and was shocked with its great performance, measured against Sony 777es, which I have, in addition to Cal Labs units.

Hey, you never know how good 'cheap' can be. Maybe I lucked out!
Picked up a Sony SCD-C2000ES for $269 delivered,over the holidays for a friend.Very sturdy amd sounds good also.CD/SACD,multi-channel and has digital out.Contact the Sound Seller in WI.
I too am awaiting to hear that 5400 ES, the C2000 ES is a great changer!
Get an iPOD with a Wadia 170i dock - you will get ALL your music in one place.

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My main concern is quality. I think I would get better sound quality from a cd-changer and a good DAC, than an Ipod and wadia combo. I do like the idea of having all my music in one place, but I heard the wadia is Very good, but not Great!!!
Have had good success with the Citypulse Da 7.2x with TXCO clock upfrade.(>>$469).It would also allow use of a Z-Systems RDQ/RDP unit down the road.
I changed my Reimyo cdp777 - considered one of the best CDP for the Wadia 170i and a Reimyo DAC, it is that good.
Mcintosh 205
Sorry, was not done typing.
For a 5 disc changer........Mcintosh MCD 205.
Also great with a DAC.
There are only a few choice if you want a 5-disc changer - Yamaha CDC-697, the above-mentioned Sony 595 and 2000ES, Rotel 1055, Denon 390/290 and Marantz (don't remember the number). Based on what I've read, it seems that Yamaha is the most reliable of them all.
May I suggest an older Sony 5 disc changer like my C222 or a C555? Then have it modded by SACDmods ( check out his website ) or other reputable modder. Those old Sonys are built like tanks, thoroughly reliable and $200 to $400 on Audiogon or Ebay. Add $450 or a bit more for the upgrade and you have a great CDP for under a grand. My total cost for the cdp, mods, including shipping was about $700. I've been using mine for three years, 4 to 6 hour a night, every night with no problems. Great detail and imaging. I have no connection with SACDmods.
The important point is to get a reliable changer. Add the DAC of choice. I have PS audios and have been very happy with the smooth output. Doesn't have the hard top end edge like the Benchmark I tried.
Like my Sony Changers but the Wadia 170 is also quite good and comes with that fun factor!
If you get a separate Dac you won't have the expense of replacing a complete CD player, just a transport of choice.
A music server today, the jukebox of old. Seems like we're moving full circle.
Couldn't believe my ears after picking up an Onkyo DX-C390 for the office (from Amazon, brand new for around $150 with free shipping) - This is a 6-CD changer with a 192/24 DAC and Vector Linear Shaping Circuitry just as found in Onkyo's much more expensive "high end" DX-7555 player. This player really does sound special. (It seems there have been complaints by several owners regarding the unit's reliability, but mine has been used every day for almost a year with zero issues.) -gg
In my home office I still use my 2000 purchased Technics SL-PD6 which was about $150 back then. I use it with a Paradisea+ DAC. I wouldn't call it the best, but it gets the job done.