HELP Anyone Using a PS 300 w/ a BAT Preamp?

Just bought a PS 300 to use w/ my CD player and preamp. However, the PS 300 shuts down whenever the preamp turns on! The preamp is a BAT VK5 SE, whihc goes thru a 30 second "warm up period" before turning on. During the warm up (display blinking) the power draw is 19o watts as measure by the PS 300..however..whent eh warm up period nears completion, the voltage goes past 300..and the PS Audio shuts down. Anyone else experienced this problem w/ a PS 300???!!!!
Something doesn't seem to be right. I would recommend that you email BAT. VK will probably respond within a few hours. Get the email address from the manufacturer's look up here on Agon. BATs customer service is awesome!
I agree with "Swampy". Something sounds "goofy" with the BAT although tubes do have various stages of current draw as they warm up.

You also need to keep in mind that the P300 is really NOT a 300 watt power supply. According to the statements made by Paul McGowan on the "Power Forum" on AA, this unit is most comfortable when running between 180 - 220 watts. Anything more than that is "pushing it". As such, my thoughts are that the "P300" is merely just a "model name" and not what the unit is really capable of operating at on a long term basis. Sean
They're a great bunch of folks, and will usually call or e-mail you with a response within a day or so. Ditto with respect to e-mailing PSA. Go to the source(s).
I demo'd a BAT VK-50SE preamp, and it worked very well connected to my PS 300. No problems. Sounds like something may be wrong with yours.
Nothing is wrong. The BAT preamps just use more current than the PS 300 will provide. It will automatically shut down. I would recommend the Shunyata Hydra. It would be a huge step up and is not power limiting.

Good Luck!

Jtinn is correct - BAT's preamps on startup have a large current draw, and as a result the P300 shuts down in response to this current demand. There are a few posts on relating to this issue (including posts by Mr. Khomenko, IIRC). The Hydra does not have this problem, nor should the Exact Power EP2000 or Sound Applications CF-X. However, I would hesitate to call the Hydra a "huge step up" from the P300.
A friend told me that the Sonic Frontiers Line 3 has the same problem, ie it uses too much wattage when going from standby to operate for the P300 to handle. A dealer for Sonic Frontiers verified this when he called them. Good Luck. Craig
You need the PS 600