Heaven Bel Canto C5i + mLink + Concero + LS50

Folks I found by accident the holy grail of "affordable" audio set up!! :-)
Until a few days ago I had my new Bel Canto C5i and my Bel Canto mLink connected to my new KEF LS50, so far so good, great sound all around, the KEF midrange is to die for and the C5i/mLink combo is no slouch either. Still I was not entirely satisfied (but then again who is in this audio hobby ;-)
Then I had an idea why not using the my Concero DAC instead of the internal DAC of the C5i and still keep the mLink as the S/PDIF /USB bridge...OH BOY What a combo! The sound coming from this set up is mind blowing, a little slice of musical heaven. On the donwside it's a little bit messy in the back with the all the additional wires but I don't care ;-)

For recap here's my set up:

Bel Canto C5i Integrated amp
Bel Canto mLink S/PDIF /USB bridge
Resonessence Labs Concero DAC
KEF LS50 Speakers
Signal Cable (speaker cable, digital cable and analog interconnect and power cord)
Well Pew and I am very happy for you! Nice rig and thanks for letting us know about good affordable gear!