heathkit 151

Wondering if anybody has ever heard a Sam Kim restored version of one of these? Have been on a new amp search for a while and an amp from Sam Kim seems to be an interesting option. Actually if anybody has ANY info on an amp done by Mr Kim would love to hear about it. Seems a little Steep price wise, but they sure do a lot of work, basically a new amp. Thanks
check out his web site he has done them.
i own the Heathkit 151 completely rebuilt in triode by Sam Kim, asnd it just sings and rocks! Best amp I've ever owned (including Don Garber's terrific SET Fi 2a3 monolocks). It is a little pricey, but they're willin to dicker o the price a little bit. If you love EL84, THIS is the amp to get... forget manley stingray,etc.

Let me know if you have any other questions...