Heads up on Toshiba SD-6200

Overstock.com has refurbished units on sale for $344 and change plus 3.95 shipping.

Perfect Visions 5 Star recommendation.
The Wiz has been listing this new at full price for $499, but putting it on sale for $399 and $388.
What is it?
it's a DVD player.
WHATTTTTTTTTT!!!!!! A Toshiba SD-6200 (being that it is "refurbished" though) DVD Player is on sale for $345.00 plus s/h?? Is this Toshiba's current #2 player?? And is this one of their progressive scan models?? If so, had I known that was going to happen, then maybe I would've held off on getting my Pioneer Elite DV-37 (for which I bought locally, and paid $700.00), and then went ahead and get me a SD-6200 instead. But then again, maybe not. I am still overwhelmed with bliss over my DV-37, so maybe that was a great buy after all. But the Toshiba SD-6200 is not a bad player by any means. Had I not went out and got my Pioneer Elite DV-37, then more than likely, I would've jumped at getting the Toshiba SD-6200. And at under $400.00, who would blame me. A high-end Toshiba DVD Player?? With progressive scan?? A five star rating from "The Perfect Vision?? And for under $400.00??!!?!?!?!?! You're going to jump on that, aren't you "Rbischoff?? If I haven't bought my player already, I know I would. Anyway, thanks for the "heads up".


In fact, I am going to go to their website and check into that right now.

My cheap Pioneer's in the body and fender shop; you can never have too many players.