HDTV and In Ground Cable - Does this work?

I currently have a sat dish, non-eliptical, non-HD. I wanted to go HD and was going to purchase a new dish, receiver, etc, etc, etc. I called the local cable company (Comcast/ATT) and was informed their digital cable will pass HD signals, with thier HD box converter. The person explaining this had to ask someone else several times, and I even called a second time, same response and actions from another person. Question is this:

Can one get HD signals from non sat, non antenna signals?

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.
Your should be concerned if cable from "Sat dish" is able to pass HDTV signals.
I just have installed Comcast HD box. They currently run 5 HD channels. The demo HD channel looks great. HBO,SHO, ABC and NBC looks better than regular channels, but quality is less than demo channel generally being on par with average DVD.
Sound quality is not even close to DVD though.
Anyways with current promotions on HBO, Showtime, free installation you will get instead of regular box HD box with component connection to your TV and Digital Audio to processor vs. buying second dish, receiver etc.
Not to mention a cable internet access from the same line. For me the cable is a winner.

However if you want to know what guys who know what they are talking about think, you’d better go to avsforum.com
hi- i've been told that comcast(mid jersey) passes hdtv
programing nbc.abc.pbs on their regular cheap cable. 7.00
i've been thinking off getting decoder box myself.comcast
has got a deal if you trade in your sat eqipt. you get
450.00 off your bill.25.00 over 16 mo.not a bad deal.
Well, I did just that!

Went with the digital package, which includes an HD box ($5 per month baked into the price) and a million channels, HBO included. March madness is going to have several games in HD, and all of this for $65, less $25 per month (sat refund) for 16 months!


Dan- let us know what the performance is. My cable has just been bought out by Com-cast.
Swampwalker -

As I stated, mine did too, but I was using DishNetwork. Just cancel that deal, and Com-Cast is coming Sunday.
I will know what HDTV looks like in my house for the first time! I hope is good!!

Not bad pricing, but the truth will be in the pudding.

Will report back!

I'ved been on Directv, bought a Panasonic TU HDS-20. My family hates it, too many buttons to push. If I can get a picture via cable that looks like a DVD on my system, i would be thrilled. One ?- does Comcast box have a DD out to go to my Yammie RXV-995. The toslink out on the Panasonic sounds pretty good. It won't compete with my 2 channel set up (@ 10x cost) but beats the heck out of the DD output from my Sony DSS.
The Comcast box I am getting has COAX, not sure of toslink.
Everyone I have talked to feels it is that of a DVD, and 'at times' better, with the HD demo channel 'awesome'.

Heck, you can sell your HD box, and put the extra few hundred dollars towards a DVD-R for all of the HD recordings!!

Well co-ax would be even better with respect to the digital feed to the HT recvr, assumming the Comcast box is any good. Although I must admit I'm not much of a purist when it comes to HT/TV sound.
Well, an update!

COMCAST IS NOT INFORMED of their goods to sell!

The poor individual shows up and gives me this piece of crap box, no component out for HD and no COAX or TOSLINK.

I said, "how is this supposed to get HD and Digital sound?"
"Oh, it won't, we don't offer HD yet, sometime in 2003 or 2004, and there is no digital sound".


So, I will keep the garbage sat dish I have now.

STAY AWAY FROM COMCAST unless you absolutely, positively, can not avoid them!!

AND, their internet service is $60 a month now!