Having trouble with hum ?

New VPI scout / JWM9 /Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood. Pre-amp is a Rotel 995. Cable from turntable to pre is Pro SilwayII -1M.Mounted on Brightstar sandbox /BDR signature shelf.
Using ground table to pre, also tried ground table sub chassis to table.
Puzzled , any firther suggestions ?
Phono cable routing? Too close to a transformer perhaps?
If you wiggle the interconnect cables or RCA plugs, does the hum change or go away? I am just looking for a bad RCA plug, or cracked solder connection on the plug. If the hum does change or go away, the bad solder connection could also be on the inputs on your preamp or other gear in the path.
Rockhoarder, try moving the motor at bit or put a mouse pad under you motor and see what happens. I had a similar problem with my Aries when I switched speeds to 45 from 33. Anyway, the problem went away...(and I removed the mouse pad)!
Have you tried floating the ground on the pre-amp and or the table? This can be done simply by using one of those .99 cent grey adapters from Home-Depot that convert your three-prong plug to two prongs. There is sometimes hum generated in the ground loop so give that a try. Also, I don't know if the cartridge you have is a shielded cartridge. I used to have one of the older Grado signatures, which is a wonderful sounding cartridge but is unshielded. Whenever I turned the motor on the table on (one of the original AR tables - we're talking early 80's when I first got into this crazy hobby) the hum became audible as soon as I swung the arm out over the platter and got louder as it got closer to the motor. I think it was Merril, or some other company made a small lead plate to go between the platter and the plinth on that table to help quell the problem. It helped, but did not solve the problem entirely. Don't know if you're having similar problems, but there's two possibilities. Good luck!
make sure you are using shielded cable i tryed nordost red dawn and it hummed loudly-vpi has own cable you can buy from them or music direct