Have you changed your mind about a brand? Was it you, or them?

I've changed my mind about many things.  Beer for instance.  Now I can really only drink IPAs and dark beers. Lagers?  Phooey.  This is very different than what I drank in my 20s though. 

Same for audio gear. 

So let me ask all of you, are there brands or equipment you've changed your mind about, for better or worse?  And if so, why?  It doesn't have to be a brand, it can be a TYPE or technology.

For instance, I used to love Ti and Be tweeters.  Now usually can't listen to them.

What about you?
LG refrigerators. Compressor breaks after 18 months. Be warned.

Can't beat a Belgian Quad.

Ti tweeters gave me tinnitus. 
Agree on the beer.  My biggest disappointment was with the Hyperion Sound, the maker of my wonderful HPS-938 speakers. They had speaker of the year for 8 years in the row and speaker of the decade awards from Absolute Sound, not to mention they had orders for 6 months, after 2004 California show.  After that they never advertised, had no dealership base and ended up in bankruptcy.  Now I have speakers with exotic drivers and no support.
Well, that's not a good example of a brand you changed your mind about.  That's just a brand that didn't succeed.