Have asr emitter ii, dcs puccini. speaker advice ?

Dear friends,

After some years I have a nice setup:
- asr emitter ii execlusive
- nordost valhalla rca
- dcs puccini
- shunyata power cords and hydra.

My beloved speakers are proac 3.8 and i'm using transparent super xl from amp to speakers.

Although I like the relaxed sound from my setup, I'm looking for better speakers in terms of speed, detail and soundstage.

Any advices? Price range for the speakers is EUR 12k used.

thank you
In this price range there are many great speakers out there and since we do not know your taste, listening habits, room size etc. anything would be a guess.
I would look at Kharma.....
What other cabling have you tried? Anything silver? Noticed a lot of sonic changes with cable changes? With and without the Hydra?

There are an ocean of speakers out there. It is a headache to try and get an accurate sense of things with demos...
I also own ASR Emitter II Exclusive while the speakers are
Usher BE-20. Because you mentioned Euros I assume that you
are from Europe. For second hand speakers you should look
at ebay.de and audio-markt.de. There are planty offerings
in particular on Audio-markt.