Have anyone experiance with the Musical Fidelity AMS 50 ?

I wanna buy ( at second hands) the musical fidelity ams 50. As preamp, i have the Audio Note M5 phono.
What do you think about this poweramp?
It will be very big and very hot. I think it is about 1 ft tall and 1 1/2 ft deep? pure class A. If you can find a suitable place and the heat will not be a problem it would be a good amp (provided it was a good price??) My dealer carries Musical Fidelity and they do make fine sounding gear. What would it be replacing and what are your speakers? IMHO
I have Ilumnia magister speakers. One of thé best this moment. 89-90 db.
Very pure,and holographic . They come also to the States, very soon.
I have a livingroom of 56 m2. I payed 4700€ for it. Thanks for answer !!
As preamp., i have the Audio Note M5 phono, and the Luxman sacd D-06
I have no comments on the amp lukaske but wanted to say you have an amazing preamp and I googled your speakers they look really cool! Sounds like you're putting together a very nice system!