Has anyone tried Mark Audio cables

I had an oppertunity to hear a pair and compaired them to my Museaus and also my VD Masters. I was totally blown away. The Mark Audio cables bested my cables in every way, They were so natural sounding, rich, open and very detailed but yet, very smooth and rich. The pair I tried was the bottom of their cables. They have the White Line,which is the bottom, Red Line, middle and Black Line the top or best.Mark Audio is a new company Stationed in Door County Wisconsin.There was a review just posted by http://www.hometheaterhifi.com/ , which gave the cables a very good review. I Might add that they are very reasonable. If you haven't tried them, I strongly suggest you do. My equipment....Pass Labs XP20, XA100.5, Rogue Audio M180, Ref 5, Golden Note CD. Revel Salons
As much as people would love to think that a person who sets up an Audiogon account and has as their first and only post a comment glowingly recommend a new audio product which is not yet advertised on Audiogon, and indeed a company who has set up within the past month, is trying to do so because of his inherent love of showing others a good thing, that person will usually be regarded as a shill. One question: why do you use both the XA100.5 and the Rogue Audio monoblocks?
First off, let me apologize. The spelling of 'Mark' was incorrect on my original. It is Marc Audio
Second, fyi, I run 2 systems! I can not control how a company advertises. I do know they have ads in Absolute Sound. Whether or not they choose not to run on the Gon is their business. Why don't you just check out the review. Then call me a shill. I have no idea what a shill is. Do you?
Isn't the correct name Marc Audio?
And shouldn't this be their website, or web page rather?
I might take a look in search for more info if I knew where...
The above-mentioned home page, if that is their home page, doesn't say all that much.
Nevertheless, I tend to agree with T_bone's point of view, but of course, I might be wrong.
I have been on Audiogon for many years, but...have never posted on the forum. the web site is marcaudio.biz And no, I am in no way affiliated with this company. I have read many other comments on cables that others have talked about and I just wanted to share.
T_bone, in all fairness Jimqc's sales feedback goes back to 2002, even though this is his first time posting on Audiogon. That lends some credence to the notion that he didn't just create an Audiogon account at the manufacturer's request to tout their new product.

But I do agree with you that we need to view these types of posts with some degree of skepticism, since they could be from an objective and well-intentioned Audiogon member or as a ploy by the manufacturer (does DK come to mind?).

In that case, I thank you for sharing.
I read the review, and yours, and looked under both "marc audio" and "mark audio" on google, ebay, amazon, and audiogon and found absolutely nothing; all this before I wrote what I wrote. The linked review says that they started their business this month (October) and the reviewer reviewed the cable which "is going to be their mid-level line of audio cables" and he noted the company "will be offering" two other lines. I am not sure what it means that you have feedback back to 2002 but Audiogon says you have only been a member since this month. Unfortunately, given the history of first-time posters using these fora to promote their products, you must contend with the ghost of shills past.
T_bone, I think that the Audiogon user info doesn't show the date that they signed up on Audiogon, but rather is a "Posting since" date. Hence you could be buying things for years, but just now started posting, and hence get a recent "Posting since" date.

That's my guess of the meaning of that date, anyway.

Anyway, back to the point of the original post, it looks like they offer a 30 day trial period, so it will be interesting to hear from people who take them up on that offer.

Michael, Sufentanil, you are right. I misread that piece of info. I think it used to say "Member since" which is why I thought that. It was my mistake this time for not picking up on that.

Jimqc, I hope I have not been too hard on you and on Marc Audio cables. I will, I hope understandably, remain wary of first-time posts which talk about brand-new companies and their brand-new products. I am glad you like the Marc Audio cables. I hope that everyone who tries them because of the heads up created by this thread also likes them.

I agree with Sufentanil that if there is a 30-day trial period, it makes it a lot easier for people to try them out and decide for themselves.
First off, I want to thank everyone for their comments and their candor. I would have probably reacted in a similar manner. Altho', I am the type of person who checks things out before coming to a conclusion. The fault is with me, I should have not been so enthused. Silly me, I have always been like a kid in a candy store when it comes to audio. The right thing would have been to just ask the question has anyone heard the Marc Audio cable line....and ended it there. But, thanks to everyone. Its a good thing when other audiophiles try to keep a watchful eye! Again, thank you.
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As to your inquiries, I purchased them on line directly from the manufacturer as you or anyone else could do, second, they were partially burned upon arrival. With a 30 day money back guarantee, I couldn't lose.