Has anyone heard the new b w 803d .

They would be run with bryston 4bsst2 , and what would come close to bw 803d , are they fair price for $10,000 .Thank you for all your info.
The amp will be just fine. As far as B&W I compared the 802d's and 803d's side by side and they are nice. The 802's go a hair deeper in bass. That being said I personally would recommend Dynaudio Contour 5.4 or maybe the Focus 360 (both in that price range). At least to me the Dyns are better at everything. Imaging - focus - sound stage and blow away the B&W's in transparency. Everyone has their own tastes and expectations of what sounds best to them. If possible demo them preferably in your home. Room size will matter. I HAVE to listen nearfield and monitors work best for me.