Has anyone heard the Magico Mini?

I am very curious to hear the Magico Mini. It is getting great press in many areas and I am wandering if anyone has heard them. How do they compare to the Wilson Watt 8's or the Kharma's or the new Sonus Faber Guarneri's etc.
If I am not mistaken, they are priced about the same as the Watt/Pup 8's and more the Guarneri or Kharma 3.2.
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Hmm... I think many other speakers will sound great if not better with a pair of ARC 610 on tap :)

The irony is that we have a bookshelf here that's so hard to drive and needs amps bigger than themselves to shine.
And how did you get the impression that I said "ANYTHING" will sound better on the big ARC? All I said was that the big ARC will make many other speakers sound good too.

Btw, what amps are you using with your MM now?

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