has anyone heard anything gd about the b&w cdm1sp

i have b&k amp and pre-amp my apartment is 14'x30'. i am thinking of changing speakers what do you recomend, maximum i can spend is $2000 new or used. thank you
Victor my friend, I see you've caught the upgrade bug -- there is no stopping now.

If you generally like the sound of your current setup - B&K (I forget the model numbers) with B&W cdm1 monitors, you could look into a pair of B&W 802 Matrix 3. The specs for the current model of 802 look very decent (8-ohms, 91-db, Freq Range: -6dB at 27Hz and 30kHz). There are several pairs on sale at this sight. A couple of them are offered with sound-anchor stands for around $2K.

It might help if you specify the model numbers (or specs) of your amp/preamp.
What are B&W CDM 1 sp's? I own B&W CDM 1 NT's, and have heard the CDM 1 SE's. Did you mean SE instead of sp?
my mistake is the cdm1se.