Has anyone had their units modified by ASi Tek....

And if so, have you opened up your unit and what did you see?

I have an oppo 983 with full mods from Doug. A look inside shows fantastic attention to detail and superb work. The player sounds fantastic and the picture is stellar. Doug was a pleasure to work with. I am very happy with the whole experience.
I have a Behringer DCX 2496 with custom mods from Doug. He transformed the unit from a budget piece to a world class sounding piece of electronics. His workmanship is top notch and his ideas and modifications are very innovative.

I have also heard the ASi modded Oppo units (980 & 983) and they are stellar. They were very popular at the Audiokarma '08 AK Fest as several vendors used ASi modded players as their source with great success.
Is there a web site to check out what he does?
06-07-08: Jtwrace
Is there a web site to check out what he does?
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