Has anyone done the mod to their Sony DVP 9000es?

Has anyone sent their 9000es to be modded by Modwright and any other outfit? Did it create a noticeable difference for redbook CD playback? Also looking for the most reasonably priced place to have the modifications done. Thanks for any info.
If you go back to the forums main page and do a search on "Modwright", you'll find a few discussions about this.
Hope this helps!
I just purchased one on e-bay and am having it sent directly to modwright for level 2 mods ($500 "the best bang per buck"). I expect this to take a few weeks. I have not heard one stock or modded but would be willing to do comparisons if anyone has a stock one within a few hours of central alabama. My present cdp is an older onkyo-bitchi so I have no benchmark for any comparisons. I've been waiting for years to make a purchase & sacd looks promising. I still remember how god-awful the early cdps were.
Good Luck!
I had a Level III with Six Bybee filters installed and I can tell you the difference is Night and Day. I could not stand listening to redbook cd's on the Sony before this mod and now with about 50 hrs of listening, it continues to improve with each session. I know, it took some real soul searching for me to shell out the bucks. But after a little bit of burn in, you'll be amazed at how good it sounds. Dan's business is really booming because he delivers.
Another question to toss in the loop. Has anyone had a less expensive player modded? Just wondering what a modded NS-500V or a NS900V compares to a modded 9000ES. If the picture and sound quality is comparable, why not spend less on the orginal source? Thanks again.