Has anybody seen or heard the ARS/AURES speakers

I heard these speakers at RMAF with Art Audio gear and the sound was beguiling. I noticed that they have impressed at a lot of shows (on their website) but have not seen any coverage of them here on Agon. It doesn't hurt that they are also stunningly beautiful with their painted cabinets.
A few years ago, a local dealer had in the Ars Aures Sol (in referring to the speaker, he shortened the name to the unfortunate, "Ars Sols"). I thought that these were quite nice sounding speakers. They had a reasonably lively sound without being overly prominent in the midrange. The expensive "Revelator" tweeter on the speaker was particularly nice -- fast and detailed while still being quite smooth and non-fatiguing. They must have been reasonably efficient because they were being driven by pushpull triode amps (300B or 2a3s).
I will have a pair of Midi-Sensorial in Aubergine colored for demo in a couple of weeks here in the Rocky.It just received the best of 2005 blue Note Equipment Awards from Enjoy the Music.
I have a pair in Concert Piano Black. Teamed up with a pair of Joe Fratus Art Audio Quartet mono blocks. Had them for about 2 months so almost run in. For me it doesn't get much better than this.
Douglas Nelson
I"ve had the midi-sensorials for about a year now. Very revealing of the recording and equipment, but almost always lovely and musical. Fairly dynamic and detailed. Enjoying them very much. Bottom end is good for a speaker of its dimensions, though I have added subs for better foundation in my large listening room. Cosmetics sculptural and luxurious.
Fit and finish are terrific.

Sound is very good.

They are incredibly overpriced in the context of other speakers at each model's price point.