My 29 year old son introduced me to a band, that, honestly, is very refreshing, as an audio guy, a singer (in the past), and an avid music junkie. I invite everyone to google You Tube type in " Halestorm " (name of band) and go to the official video of "Love Bites". Lizzy Hale is hot, and, what a talent. The band is tight and very energetic, but that Lizzy.......wow......Let me know what you think......Mr D
A little too headbanging for me, but she is a babe and can play the guitar.

Thanks for the link Mofi.....Mr D.
Mr. D,

You responded to my post over on the amp forum. The thread has been removed. I would like to pick your brain. Any chance of an offline discussion?

Jonymacmadcap "at" gee mail dot com
I've seen them live a few times amazing vocals. Was lucky to see them with shinedown and Stained. Both of which have amazing lead singers.
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