Hales Design Group Transcendence 5 Grill Cloth

Hi Everybody!

New member here. I have a pair of 1998 Hales Transcendence 5 speakers (since new). The grill cloth is showing the wear and tear of several moves, kids in the house and simply age. Does anyone know a service that will recover the grill frames with new material or, alternatively, has anyone done it themselves and with what material?

Thank you for everyone’s time.





Sorry I don't have an answer for you.

I owned the Hales T5s and still think back on them fondly.  Amazing speakers.  Incredible imaging, soundstaging and at the time almost peerless for accurate instrumental timbre.  I still have my Hales T1 monitors and T-Center channel doing duty in my home theater.   My T-Center channel also has some wear on the grill clothe.  It's torn a bit, missing a little on one corner.  I'm amazed it hasn't all snapped off yet.  If that ever happens I figure I'll just have to buy grill clothe somewhere else and recover it myself.

There's lots of grill cloth available online. Buy some, and a fabric stapler.